Are you one of the thousands of parents homeschooling through the COVID-19 school closures?

How to Worldschool might be for you if:

You find yourself suddenly homeschooling because your school closed

You are worrying about “what to do with the kids” through this crisis

You need ideas for how to fill the time AND maximize learning

You KNOW there are ways to rock this… you just can’t see what they are right now

You DON’T want your kids plugged into screens all day

You want to talk with other parents about what is working for them and build community around education during COVID-19

You have individual questions you would like to have answered by a professional

You feel lost and need encouragement in your parenting right now



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Give your kids a world-class education!

Develop intention. Learn to facilitate. Build skills.

Develop Intention

Feed love and learning

Change the way you think about education

Learn to find teachable moments

Create an atmosphere of joyful growth

Learn to Facilitate

Open doors to possibility

Study your students

Build on interest

Spark new curiosity

Build Skills

For parenting and teaching

Develop knowledge and life skills

Increase positive communication

Grow relationship skills as a family

What people are saying about How to Worldschool

Each of these people has worked directly with Jenn and references are happily provided.

This is your kid’s education. It matters.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to offer my son Bran an alternative way to learning, but after sitting in the Worldschooling workshop, I realized I didn’t have to navigate the waters alone!

I left the day feeling inspired, empowered, and ready and it’s all thanks to Jennifer Sutherland-Miller and her help to kickstart our journey.

Witnessing first hand her beautiful children and their drive for individuality, success that they choose, and interest to continue their learning showed me it is possible to make the world citizens we need to continue to make the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

Bravo to the hard work, bravo to the dedication, and bravo to sharing your beautiful story. Positively wonderful!

Lauren Stelmacki

I attended a full day workshop on Worldschooling with Jenn, and went in with good expectations based on my knowledge of her work. I’m pleased to say these lofty expectations were wildly exceeded! 

Jenn has walked the walk when it comes to providing a robust education for children in a non-traditional environment, and it shows in her knowledge and enthusiasm.  Her experience as an educator allowed her to cover the full spectrum of home school styles while remaining objective and facilitating a great discussion among the participants. 

Of particular interest to me were the pathways and options for successfully getting home schooled kids into university.  She presented fantastic resources on that, stressing the importance of documenting learning, and included some examples of university entrance transcripts from her own children.

I walked away with a much clearer idea of the options and direction of where I want to take my home school, and a renewed vigor for it.

Daniel New

Jennifer Sutherland-Miller is, in my opinion, the world’s leading expert on “Worldschooling”.

A teacher and worldschooler herself, she has developed a living understanding of various educational methodologies, and has supported her own children from birth to university while traveling.

Beyond her unique knowledge and keen ability to share this knowledge, Jen is also a caring friend, a strong advocate for social justice, and someone I am proud to working with on the Family Adventure Summit and the Family Adventure Academy.

If you get the opportunity to spend time learning from her, you will not come away disappointed.”

– Brandon Pearce, Founder

Family Adventure Summit

Family Adventure Academy

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It’s kind of a no brainer.

$1 of your subscription, every month supports Konojel Community Center

This Guatemalan women run organization is combatting malnutrition and the root causes of poverty in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala,by providing:

  • A nutritious meal to more than 60 of the most at risk community members
  • Educational support for children
  • Access to a computer center for the whole community
  • Job training & a micro-business for women
  • Sustainable dignified work for women


Do you have a specific question?

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